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I'm a writer, mostly of science fiction, with a new novel, Brain Thief.

The name is pronounced Yablokov, and the legal name is Jablokow.  My best friends can't spell or pronounce it, so you shouldn't worry about it either.

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"How Sere Picked Up Her Laundry", Asimov's Science Fiction July/August 2017(out now)

"The Forgotten Taste of Honey", Asimov's Science Fiction, October/November 2016

"The Return of Black Murray", Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2016

"The Instructive Tale of the Archeologist and His Wife", Asimov's Science Fiction, July 2014

"Bad Day on Boscobel", The Other Half of the Sky.

"Feral Moon", novella, Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2013

"Since You Seem to Need a Certain Amount of Guidance", Daily Science Fiction, November 6, 2012

"The Comfort of Strangers", short story, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January/February 2012

"Blind Cat Dance" reprinted in Gardner Dozois's Best Science Fiction of the Year 28

"The Day the Wires Came Down", novelette, Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2011

"Plinth Without Figure", short story, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November/December 2010

"Warning Label", short story, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine August 2010

"Blind Cat Dance", short story, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine March 2010

Brain Thief, a novel, Tor Books, January 2010


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Carve the Sky

An art collector/interplanetary espionage/religious obsession novel set in the divided solar system of the 25th century. The wealthy Lord Monboddo and his intellectual and self-conscious Seneschal, Anton Lindgren, pursue the secret of a mysterious figurine of the dead Christ in His winding sheet. Each of His wounds is an open eye, inset with a rare jewel with valuable properties.

Elegant and erudite, a favorite of fans of the aesthetics of espionage and all those who are positive that the hidden back rooms of the museum are much more interesting than what is in front.

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A Deeper Sea

Dolphins finally talk to humans—and turn out to be annoying, obscene jerks. Of course, the situation is made more difficult by the fact that they were essentially tortured into speech, at a Russian research facility on the bleak island of Sakhalin, and are then used, with extreme effectiveness, in a war Russia fights with Japan and the United States.

Action and gear-filled, a favorite of cynics and fans of military fiction.


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Your basic cosmetic brain surgeon/jazz musician detective novel. The Devo Wars broke apart most of the remaining multi-ethnic nations, alternate universes are pop art, worldwide military apprenticeships are served in American inner cities, and the past emerges despite the best efforts to erase it.

Hard-boiled and paranoiac, a favorite of mystery readers and those with a sense that they might actually be somebody else.


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River of Dust

Humans live undergound on Mars, for protection from radiation and a completely un-terraformed environment. Fanatics of various sorts, both religious and political, fight for independence from the seemingly lax yet inescapable grip of the Gensekretariat, in a prequel to Carve the Sky.

Two brothers take different sides in the growing political split. Neo-Confucians, a recreation of the land of Israel, ceremonial executions, riots, trains, and a confrontation on that inhospitable surface are all part of the way the struggle plays out.

Gloomy, violent, and definitively agoraclaustrophobic, a favorite of Mars habitability skeptics and fans of Renaissance and Byzantine political practice.

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The Solar System has been settled by a number of alien species. But humans remain confined to their own Solar System, cut off from the universe at large. Giant half-machine tunneling creatures now live in Venus’s crust, an odd crew called the Gunners squat on Mercury and fire ore barges into the solar atmosphere, and segmented bugs run on the great plains of North America, living symbiotically with humans.

A researcher named Sophonisba drops illegally onto the surface of Venus in pursuit of a human who seems to have left the system and returned dramatically changed. Her investigation will take her deep into Venus, and out to the asteroids, encountering the various accomodations of humans to the alien presence as she goes. Her intelligent luggage assists her, and her ex-husband has his own irritating agenda.

A delicate investigation of human pain and the accomodations we all must make to our circumstances, a favorite of those reluctantly leaving their shackles and fans of hiking, hacking, and the hidden.

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The Breath of Suspension

My short story collection, from Arkham House.

A favorite of those with short attention spans.

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