Short Stories

Here are a few of my stories, uncollected elsewhere, that will let you dip in and check this Jablokov guy out.  History, myth, and marketing.  That about covers it.

  • The Boarder

    A story of science fiction, space travel, and sex, in the form of a memoir.

  • The Fury at Colonus

    The Oresteia as a police procedural, told from the point of view of a Fury.  Either you really want to read it...or you really don't.

  • Fragments of a Painted Eggshell

    Memory as art, a common theme of mine.  This one involves carpentry, bicycling, and Easter eggs.

  • Market Report

    I wrote this long before I actually turned to marketing as my day job.  Despite a rewarding career, I have yet to be asked out to the exurbs to check out why people are returning to the Pleistocene.