Where I'll be at Arisia

I will be at Arisia (Cambridge, MA  Jan 15-18).  Here is my schedule, with comments:

Friday, 8 PM, The Best Science Fiction of 2009
Ian Randall Strock, Gardners Dozois, Candra Gill, James L. Cambias

People try to put me on panels like this all the time, and I always dodge, because I don't read enough SF in any given year to participate adequately.  But Gardner requested my presence, and I have obeyed.

Saturday, 2 PM, The Next -Punk
Mario Di Giacomo (moderator), Sarah Smith, Rachel Silber, Israel Peskowitz

If I can't keep up with the present, how can I discern the path of the genre in the future?  This time it is my old friend and housemate Rachel Silber who is responsible, and again I obey.

Saturday, 4 PM, Whither Hard SF?
Allen Steele, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Stephen R Wilk, Mark L Van Name

"Whither"? In the future, all hard SF will involve archaic grammatical constructions!

Sunday, 2:30 PM, Reading
Just me.

I'll probably read from the new book, Brain Thief.  What else?