My last short story collection was quite a long time ago. But I have been producing short stories steadily, some are accessible online, but I thought I would include a few here.

Feral Moon

The original  cover

The original  cover

I was at a workshop where someone submitted an asteroid combat story that was fine, but seemed not to really get at what fighting your way through the dense interior of an asteroid would be like. I happened to have been reading about house-to-house and room-to-room combat in cities, and thought the fight would be a lot more like that.

I don't write a lot of military SF, but this novella is still a favorite of mine.

Feral Moon online

Feral Moon PDF

An audio version of "Feral Moon" from StarShipSofa

Plinth Without Figure

This is a ghost story about urban planning, set in an area where I used to live, an area which has changed a lot over the years. A reader pegged exactly where it was set, despite the name change, so I feel that I described it accurately enough for a past dweller to identify it.

Plinth Without Figure PDF

The Fury at Colonus

The Oresteia as a hardboiled detective story. Totally makes sense, when you read it that way. One of my favorites, never reprinted.

The Fury at Colonus online