Having a day job means seriously setting priorities

One thing a day job does take is time. I mean, they make me be at work all day. And, as if that weren't enough, I have to be working on the stuff they pay me for. My other job is of no interest to them.

That means I spend most of my weekends working on my writing career. That's fine, but that career has a lot of other parts to it other than creating prose. For example, my book is coming out in a little over a month, and, aside from trying to entice you with my witty blog postings, I haven't done that much to promote it.

I feel that creating the work comes first. And it's easy to fall completely behind. If story and novel inventories are empty, it takes an incredibly long time to fill them again. Once the pipelines have something in them, keeping them flowing is somewhat less fraught.

So I've decided to focus on more short stories and the next book, rather than publicity for the one coming up. That may prove to be a long-term error--there is no guarantee that the next book will be picked up unless Brain Thief does well.

Watch with me, and see how my decisions pan out.