After the Victory: finished draft

Today I finished a big draft of my next book:  After the Victory.  It's big and hulking, not because the eventual book will be, but because that's the only way I've found to get my drafts done.  I see this version as the ore that will eventually be refined into the final book.  It's easier for me to write four lines and pick the best than write the best one by itself.  If I try that, nothing gets done.

Some more precise people (like my friend James Patrick Kelly) find this appalling, like building a house by piling up rocks and then carving rooms out of it (my simile, not his).

After the Victory is the story of Alba, a girl who grows up on an Earth in the aftermath of a successfully defeated alien invasion.  Even though victory has been won, the Earth is a mess of burned cities and devastated landscapes, littered with the dangerous and valuable remains of crashed alien spacecraft.  Alba is an Invasion orphan, living with a tight group of other kids in a refugee camp/school run by a mysterious Invasion vet, Nunc.  One night, out on alert, she and her friends find a hint that at least one of the invading aliens may still be alive and on the run....

Unsold, unseen, and unfinished!  I have to let it rest for a while before I turn back to it.  Don't expect any detailed description of my writing process, however.  When I reach the next milestone, I'll let you know.