Biblical marketing

I'm a big fan of the Shorpy. Every day it posts interesting historical photographs, often in high definition. Commenters remark on various almost invisible aspects of the photographs--and if they miss something obvious, they are mocked by the ominipotent Dave. Being mostly male, it seems, they get quite excited over photographs of attractive women, and discussions about tooth-straightening, style, and cosmetic surgery ensue.

A comment on this image of a Washington D.C. drugstore in 1921 caught my eye. It points out a number of bottles of a popular grape juice called, believe it or not, Naboth. The commenter links to a postcard from the Naboth bottling plant.

Am I alone in finding this name for a juice company crazy?  If you remember the story, Naboth owned a vineyard near King Ahab's palace.  Ahab wanted it for himself, Naboth wouldn't give it up, so Queen Jezebel arranged for Naboth to be stoned to death on false evidence.  Ahab got his vineyard, but Elijah told him he would be slain in the spot where Naboth was executed, and the dogs would lick his blood and eat Jezebel's body (1 Kg 21:1-20).

Who could pass up a marketing hook like that for wholesome grape juice?  Along with the Gibeah Motor Court, Jehu's Driving School, and Joshua's Walls and Masonry, not to mention the annual Jephtha Father Daughter Dance, a way of linking our daily life to uplifting Biblical events.

It's amazing how often people grab the first top-of-mind connection for their marketing, no matter how little sense it actually makes.  Naboth:grapes.  Sure, perfect!

My favorite non-Biblical clueless marketing link is a holiday hotel I read about called "Nessun Dorma".  Opera is just as good as the Bible for vague connections no one is entirely sure of.  This is one of the most famous arias around, from Turandot, particularly through Pavarotti's rendition.  Very romantic.

It means "None shall sleep".