Hub on Wheels

This morning I got up before six AM and headed down to Government Center, in downtown Boston, to participate in Hub on Wheels, a ride all the way through the city, on closed-off roads.  It was drizzly, and the forecast was for heavier rain, but we were lucky, and the rain stopped partway through.  Storrow Drive (along the Charles River) was closed off in both directions, and formed the 10-mile route.

It's been a while since I did it.  It was fun and relaxed, and went through the Arboretum and Forest Hills Cemetery, as well as on a variety of bike paths I'd never been on.  Down in Mattapan the route went on a bike path paralleling the stretch of the Red Line that still runs old PCC cars (over 60 years old by this point), and one went by going in the other direction.  Also in Mattapan, a couple was having a screaming fight in the street, ignoring the steady stream of bicyclists going by.

A nice 50 miles.  If you're in Boston next year, I recommend you give it a try.