Portrait and landscape

A few weeks ago I complained about having to get a widescreen monitor when my previous monitor died.  I found the screen too short and too wide, with printed lines as endless as midwestern freight trains.

I've solved the problem, in a fashion.  I upgraded my driver so that it permits screen rotation, and picked up an Omnimount WS3 desktop mount that lets me rotate the screen.  This gives me a tall narrow screen when I want, and a wide one when I want.  The tall one is really tall, so I generally use a window somewhat shorter that the maximum so I don't have to crane up at the top menu.

Here's what it looks like when displaying full text:

And, so you can see the mount, here it is moved out of the way:

BTW, this gives you a decent idea of what my desk usually looks like:  not that messy, given my natural tendencies.  A few souvenirs, art work by offspring, and the all-important container of MetaPhor (actually an agarose I got a lab friend to give to me).