Mysteries and science fiction

Brain Thief is marketed as a science fiction novel, but it's also a mystery novel.  Some readers have even said it should be called a mystery with science fiction elements, because the mystery element is key to its appeal.  I would agree, though I think the gonzo part is important too:  the thirty-foot fiberglass cowgirl riding a rocket really catches the spirit of the book.

It's hard to categorize.  That's not such a great idea from a marketing perspective (you'd think I know better), but there are a group of readers for whom this is perfect.  I don't want to mislead anyone, so I'm working hard to find and inform this group of people:  people who like well-constructed mysteries, and find an SF element a plus, and like humor and sly observation.

If you are one of them, drop me a note and help me!  How do I get this book in the hands of people like you?