Punitive green

I appreciate efforts to be environmentally sensitive.  But is it really necessary to go to the lengths of banning shopping carts at grocery stores?

Look what it says right under the picture of the evil shopping cart: "Shopping carts make us buy more stuff than we can carry home."

I knew there were evil forces abroad in the land, but I had not suspected the depths of depravity to which they could sink....

This is just silly. So, if you are a busy parent with several children, you are right out of luck in Sydney, Australia, which is implementing such a ban. I buy many of my groceries by bicycle, and can testify that dealing with gallons of milk, cereal boxes, and things like toilet paper and paper towels, can be a real pain. And if you have a number of people to feed and clean up after...the Sydney city council must be mostly single people.

This is why normal people think green activists are oppressive, clueless jerks. The backlash is going to be ferocious. Is that really what we want?