Arisia: where I will be

I'll be at one of my home town conventions this weekend: Arisia.  My panels will be:

Fri 6:30 PM Boston as setting

Our shared world anthology Future Boston, recently popped back up, as me and other participants were interviewed by two fun staffers from the Boston Phoenix.  Both had been fans of the book in their youth.  So I'm probably just going to recycle whatever I said to them.

Fri 9:30 PM Conservatism in SF and Fantasy

I must be crazy to participate in this.  But as what passes for a libertarian here in Cambridge (that is, probably not recognizable as such elsewhere) I felt obliged to try to steer some kind of course between oppression by the nanny state and oppression by tradition and habit.

Sat 9:30 AM SF/Mainstream Convergence

Delia Sherman is unavailable, so I will be moderating this, and thus unable to pompously hold forth as much as I would like.  This is a noble sacrifice, which I hope the audience appreciates.