OWS's problem: rich people look like the rest of us

Time was, if you want to caricature a rich person, it was easy:


You put him in a top hat and tailcoat, and away you went.  And rich men really did look like this. The image was universal in the early 20th century:

The Soviets particularly loved it.  Monopoly's Rich Uncle Pennybags lacks only the bloated belly.

BTW, don't worry what the banners say.  Part of the Capitalist's banner says "death to workers", which misses the point of exploitation so thoroughly as to be comical.

And let's not forget

Only the top hat is left, but the lust for lucre remains.

So I wasn't surprised to see people dressed as classic plutocrats at various Occupy Wall Street protests. But it's sad.  No one dresses that way anymore. And sometimes you'll see striped pants added to the ensemble, which is just wrong. Striped pants symbolize duplicitous or ineffectual Western diplomats, not plutocrats, for heaven's sake. Get your obsolete stereotypes straight.

But rich people nowadays wear exactly the same banal clothing everyone else does.  Their houses are just grotesquely swollen versions of our houses. They have a lot of cars, but everyone has a pretty nice car. Everyone's teeth are white.

This is one reason OWS has an uphill battle. If you can't mentally picture your enemy, its hard to become angry at them.  If only they would carry bags of money with big dollar signs on them, it would be so much easier.