The indignities of the day job

OK, so it's pretty much my fault. I had a number of time-sensitive tasks with my client, and I put one of off that seemed less time that suddenly had to be designed and delivered. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (the client is not in the US). For a conference.

I did it, with the help of an incredible designer (thanks, Ruth!)  Unfortunately, after she left, I found something that needed to be changed, so I had to download a trial version of Adobe Acrobat and cut and paste logos from one PDF to another.  I lack the visual skill to be a designer. I barely recognize myself in the mirror.

Dumb. It was dumb. Every time I looked at that particular project there was something more pressing to do. But, of course, eventually sunken bodies bloat and float to the surface. Fortunately, I work fast. And, fortunately, I partnered with someone else who does too. The client was grouchy, needless to say, but at least has what she needs.

Will I never ever do this again? I sure would like to think so!  I can take comfort in the fact that it happens a lot less than it used to--and I have been incredibly busy with deliverables.  But no excuses. Gratitude. Gratitude for the help I got, for the fact that the client reviewed and commented quickly, and for the fact that I am still (somewhat) alive.  Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone.