My Boskone schedule

For anyone who wants to hunt me down at this weekend's Boston science ficiton convention, here is where I am scheduled to be:

Friday    6pm      Reading: Alexander Jablokov (0.5 hrs)

I'll probably read a chunk of alternate transportation story that is the cover of Asimov's in a month or so.

Saturday  10am     Autographing

Saturday  1pm      Monsters in the City: Exploring Urban Fantasy

Hey, I'm moderating this!  Only noticed it as I was pasting it in here.  What's a good question to ask these people?

Dana Cameron
Suzy McKee Charnas
Alexander Jablokov        (M)
Toni L. P. Kelner
Margaret Ronald    

Saturday  5pm      Cambridge SF Workshop Flash Readings

I don't quite remember how I got on this.  It's my workshop, but I don't write flash fiction, being too long-winded.  I'll probably read a tiny piece of a story about alien sex.

F. Brett Cox
Elaine Isaak
Alexander Jablokov
James Patrick Kelly
Steven Popkes
Ken Schneyer
Sarah Smith    

Sunday    10am     The Spirit of the Place

Oh, for God's sake, who gets up at 10am on Sunday to go to a panel?  "The spirit of the pillow" would make more sense.  After my 10am signing on Saturday, I will know everyone who catches the worm.

Laird Barron
Charlaine Harris
Alexander Jablokov
Darlene Marshall        (M)
Margaret Ronald    

When scenery is so much a part of the fabric of the story that it almost becomes a character. Stories set in localized areas. What does it add to have such intimate settings?

Sunday    2pm      Kaffeeklatsch

I've never done one of these before.  Come help me!

Walter H. Hunt
Alexander Jablokov