My Readercon schedule

As usual, I was insufficiently enthusiastic in my responses to Readercon's complex panel signup process, and only got one panel--on Thursday, tonight, before the convention even starts. The signup has you rate panels by A+, A, B, and I get the impression that a lot of writers who are savvier than me say A+ to everything they have even the slightest interest in. In my initial run through, I was honest...and then forgot to go back and inflate my scores.

And I knew I had to do that. This happened last year too.

Of course, unlike most conventions, where anyone can gas on about almost anything, Readercon panels tend to require actual knowledge if you are not to make a fool of yourself, and waste the audience's time.

My obvious ignorance is not the reason I did not get on any panels!  That is not the explanation! So don't write and tell me so.


I do have a couple of other events that don't rely on my knowing anything except my name, and what I have written.

If you want to catch me, here is my schedule:

Thursday July 14

8:00 PM    ME    How to Write for a Living When You Can't Live Off Your Fiction. Elaine Isaak, Alexander Jablokov, Barbara Krasnoff (leader), John Edward Lawson, Terry McGarry. You've just been laid off from your staff job, you can't live on the royalties from your fiction writing, and your significant other has taken a cut in pay. How do you pay the rent? Well, you can find freelance work writing articles, white papers, reviews, blogs, and other non-SFnal stuff. Despite today's lean journalistic market, it's still possible to make a living writing, editing, and/or publishing. Let's talk about where and how you can sell yourself as a professional writer, whether blogging can be done for a living, and how else you can use your talent to keep the wolf from the door. Bring whatever ideas, sources, and contacts you have.

Friday July 15

1:30 PM    VT    Reading. Alexander Jablokov. Jablokov reads from The Comfort of Strangers.
This is an alien sex story. Nothing too graphic, but consider your sensibilities before attending.

Saturday July 16

10:00 AM    Vin.    Kaffeeklatsch. David G. Hartwell, Alexander Jablokov.
David has been editor for most of my books. And, surprisingly, after the miserable sales figures for Brain Thief, he still talks to me!  We're actually just at the same time, not together, but there may be some overlap as a result.

Sunday July 17

11:00 AM    E    Autographs. Walter H. Hunt, Alexander Jablokov, Rosemary Kirstein.
I got lucky, and am autographing with two people I know and like.  Because we'll have plenty of time to talk!
12:00 PM    NH    Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop group reading. F. Brett Cox, Elaine Isaak, Alexander Jablokov, Steven Popkes, Kenneth Schneyer. Members of the Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop read selections from their work.
This is the spot for short-shorts, which I seldom write.  But I do have one I wrot a long time ago, which I wil have to remember to pull out.