A novel draft finished

This weekend I wrote "The End" on a draft of my YA novel, Timeslip.  At four months start to finish, it went much faster than these things usually do for me.  The book is more action/adventure, with an actual opponent, and some pretty clear things to achieve.

Now, it's not done, by any means. It has to sit in a (virtual) drawer for a four to six weeks in order for me to forget a bit about how much work it was to write, so that I can tear it apart, raising the stakes in each scene, etc.

I'm thinking about printing it out and working entirely from the printed version, typing it all back in. This seems like a perverse waste of time, but experience tells me that running the narrative through my brain and out through my fingers again actually helps. Keeping stuff that seems perfect as it is usually results in trouble down the line anyway, and things do not go faster in the end.

I won't even try to guess when a workshop-ready version would be ready, but I'm glad to have gotten through this draft.