My Arisia schedule

Since getting back from the holidays I've been buried by both my jobs:  many hours per day of book revision, plus prep for some sales meetings next month for the freelance job.  I should have more time in bit.

And so I am feeling a bit squished by the fact that, a long time ago, I decided to go to the convention that kicks off our season here in Boston: Arisia.  I still have a lot to get done!

But here, quite late, is where you can see me at Arisia, if you are attending.  My panels:

Friday 5:30 pm
The Heinlein Juveniles, with Karen Purcell, Sandra Hutchinson, and Julia Rios.  I don't think anyone will ever read these again, but the reasons why are worth discussing.

Saturday 1:00 pm
Our Grim Meat-Hook Future, with Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Steve Sawicki, Glenn Grant, and Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert.  Are we looking at the right dystopias?

Sunday 10:00 am (the hour otherwise known as the Event Horizon)
Traditional Stories, Modern Audiences, with Vikki Ciaffone, Meredith Schwartz, April Grant, and Bob Kuhn. Elaine Isaak, a friend from my writing workshop, indicated that she couldn't figure out why I was on this panel, and she may be right, because I want to talk about how removing religion, class distinctions, and early death from past stories alters something essential about them. But who is going to hear what I have to say at that hour?

If you're around, find me and say hi.