My first audio book: Nimbus

Quite some time ago, a gentleman by the name of Colby Elliott wrote me, said he was a fan of my novel Nimbus, and asked if he could an audio version of it. How could I say no?

Colby worked hard on the book, slowed down at almost every step by my unresponsiveness, my confusion, and my general ability to make simple things complicated. He never lost his humor or his determination, and now, at long last, we have an audio version, voiced entirely by Colby.

Nimbus is my brain surgeon/jazz musician future noir, and has always seemed like it could use some more attention. The audio version is surprisingly fun, because of Colby's ability to maneuver around the complex sentence I really liked writing in those days. If you are going on a long car trip or something, this is what you should take, particularly if you are headed in the direction of Chicago. Check it out.

Nimbus audio version, from Audible