My Readercon - Friday, continued

The past slides behind me as I forge forward....

So, before I forget all about it, something more about the rest of Readercon. The astute observer will note that I spend too little time on the topics that got discussed, and more on the people I talked to. Readercon is a great place for ideas. But when I get home, they kind of get hazy. My brain is not as retentive as it used to be.

Friday night at Readercon is an event called the Meet the Pros(e) Party. Each of the writers puts a short quotation (sometimes not so short--I've seen dense essays in a microscopic font) on a sticky label, that fans and other writers can then collect. It sounds silly, but it's a great way to go up and talk to people you don't know.

My quotation was actually the first sentence of a military science fiction novella I'm shopping right now: "The corpses fell from interior of the moon like drops of water from an icicle." Nice and cheery.

But, anyway, just one picture from there, courtesy of James Patrick Kelly's Facebook page, of me and my friends Monica Eiland and F. Brett Cox.  That's pretty much all you need to know.