Has Richard III's body been found?

How did I miss the fact that Richard the Third's body might have been found under a parking lot in Leicester? (from The History Blog) You probably already know all about this. An excavation at the spot in a church where Richard was supposedly buried has uncovered a male skeleton with perimortem trauma to the back of the head and an arrowhead lodged in the back--a skeleton showing distinct signs of a back abnormality (probably scoliosis) that would have left one shoulder much lower than the other.

Still, it might not be him. The investigators are getting a cheek swab from a Canadian whose mother was the 16th great-grandniece of Richard's oldest sister, Anne of York (this man gets called a "descendant" of Richard III in some stories), for a look at his mitochondrial DNA for a possible match.

This is fun archeology-as-spectator-sport stuff. What other things am I missing out on?