Me and the government shutdown

I am a victim of the government shutdown, in a "First World Problem" kind of way:  if all had gone as planned, I would be hiking down below the North Rim of Grand Canyon today.  Instead, I am in my basement, typing this.

My annual hiking trip with my friends is something I look forward to all year.  And we had tried several times to get space at the limited North Rim campsites in order to do a good loop hike. We did the trial-by-fax application process (OK, my friend Paul did, by going into his office on a Saturday and sitting by the fax machine) three months ago. We finally got our spots.

Paul actually drove up there from Santa Fe to meet us, and found himself virtually alone in Kanab, Utah, as everyone waiting for a rafting trip, a hike, or anything else to do with the federal lands up there pulled out and home.  Now he should be home as well.

I will deal with my political reaction to this shutdown elsewhere. All I can say is that I hope I don't run into Rep. Randy Neugebauer on the trail anytime soon.