Severe editing done!

Last week I whined about having to cut my YA novel down from its obese 110K words down to (actually) 75K.

I flew on business several times last week, and did a lot of marking up of printed manuscript en route. Then, staring early this Saturday, I commenced implementing the edits. It was surprisingly easy to cut maybe 25K words out, making me realize I had been a bit self-indulgent in my text.  The other 10K was a bit harder, but still not the torture I anticipated.

And I did have it wrong.  Martha had asked for 75K, but I remembered wrong and was aiming for 80K.  When I realized my mistake, I had to go through again, making more small cuts earlier in the book, to get it moving faster.

So that was my weekend, from early in the morning until afternoon, though I did go out with a friend early Saturday night.

I'm under a lot of personal stress currently, and a lot of things have been going wrong. It's a comfort that this, at least, got done.  Now we'll have to see what comes of it.