Hiding out, educating myself about the (possible) apocalypse

As I mentioned in my last post, I am busy trying to learn about political theory, something that has not exercised my mind much previously. But I suddenly see all that is solid melting into air (and, yes, I am quoting the Communist Manifesto, why do you ask?) and realize that my default assumption that the system that made us all rich, secure, and long-lived will continue for the forseeable future, is completely unwarranted.

I've not become a prepper, or anything like that. In fact, I suspect that preppers are part of the group seeking to throw their shoes into the machinery, because what's the point of prepping if everyone else is living a happy, secure life?

But part of my spiritual preparation is a bit of a media diet. I got too interested in the minutiae of polls, who said what ridiculous thing, what possible consequences there could be to that thing that might happen if something else happened first...it's ridiculous. The ratio of information to packing peanuts has gotten too small for me to even bother opening the box. For the next while, I'm sticking to The Economist, and some historical grounding from whatever thoughtful observers I can find.