My Arisia panels

One of my local cons, Arisia, is this weekend. I like cons, but they quickly tire me out, so I prefer the ones I can leave and go home from.  I have four panels from this one, on topics I managed to persuade myself, and them, that I could speak usefully about.

Arisia panels are appallingly long, over an hour. The ones at 10 pm (piece of advice:  look at the panels they've assigned to you some time before it's too late to say you don't want to do one without being rude to hard-working con staff) will be a particular trial.

I do some friends at this con that I don't get to see otherwise, its got a great, high-energy vibe, and the hall costumes are tremendous.

Here are my panels:

Fri day Jan 12, 2018 5:30 PM
Building Credible Near-Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

What happens after your characters deal with the initial zombie apocalypse or alien invasion? As they survive the continued threat, how would their society evolve 1-20 years after the happening? Our experts will discuss how to build upon an apocalyptic event to create a gritty, realistic post-apocalyptic world that will keep your readers in sequels for years.

Saturday Jan 13, 2018 8:30 PM
Death Science: Autopsies, Cremations, & Burials          

Despite the taboos surrounding them, there is nonetheless much critical science surrounding post-mortem analysis and proper corpse disposal. Why do some doctors prefer to operate after the patient has died? How hot should crematory fires be, and what if the smoke gets in your eyes? What are the public health concerns for a proper burial?

Saturday 10:00 PM
Poverty in SFF: Money Makes the Worlds Go Round

Space is expensive. Magic swords are made of rare metal. Evil pays well, but heroes are often from humble backgrounds. What is SF/F that dwells in the mean streets and the gutter like? What authors have taken the themes of poverty and want into their work? What is the future of poverty, and how do we see poverty represented in speculative fiction?

Sunday Jan 14 10:00 PM
Did SF Just Say No to Drugs?

The 70's appear to have been the high times of SFF, but there seems to have been a marked drop-off in SF that addresses drugs and drug use. In this panel, we'll discuss why that may be. Has the ramping up of the War on (Some Classes of People Who Use) Drugs in the 80s and the Tough on Crime policies of the 90s had a chilling effect on stories that look at substance use? What recent stories speculate about altered consciousness and what has yet to be explored on the subject of substances.

If you get a chance, stop by and say hi.