My Boskone schedule

I will be at Boskone Feb 12-14.  The usual mix of panels on topics I know nothing about!  But I think I can sign my name, so the autographic session should go just fine.

Friday  6pm        Boston as Setting

        Alexander Jablokov        (M)

        Toni L. P. Kelner    

        Paul G. Tremblay    

    The subway line to Cambridge inspired H.P. Lovecraft to visions of

    subterranean Antarctic horror; Hal Clement drowned Beantown under

    dozens of feet of water. Why Boston? Who's writing about here

    lately? What scenic SFnal possibilities does our fair city present?

    How can you convey its charm to readers who have never felt Boston's

    balmy February breeze?


 Friday  8:30pm     Reading (0.5 hrs)

        Alexander Jablokov    


 Saturday1pm        The Market(s) for Short Fiction

        Neil Clarke        (M)

        Elaine Isaak    

        Alexander Jablokov    

        James Patrick Kelly    

    Magazines, anthologies, the web? Find out where the short stuff

    sells, and how to get a piece of the action.

  Saturday2pm        The City and Science Fiction

        S. C. Butler    

        Alexander Jablokov        (M)

        James Patrick Kelly    

        Patrick Nielsen Hayden    

        Steven H. Silver    

    From the planet-spanning urbs of Trantor or Coruscant to the

    steamfunkier precincts of New Crobuzon to the vastly vertical

    Spearpoint of Alastair Reynolds  forthcoming Terminal World   what s

    your favorite skiffy megalopolis? Would you move there tomorrow?

    Would it actually work as a technological/societal/economic

    artifact? In an advanced, post-scarcity society, would people even

    want to pig-pile together? What will cities be like in the future?

    (And what would you prefer them to be?)


 Saturday4pm        Autographing


 Sunday  1pm        Long Series: What Gives Them Staying Powers?

        Jeffrey A. Carver

        John R. Douglas        (M)

        Alexander Jablokov    

        Rosemary Kirstein    

        Alastair Reynolds    

    Is it just the comfort of returning to a familiar place....or

    something more? Expound.