And I thought Amazon was my only hope

I checked the Brain Thief page on Amazon today, to see if there were any more reviews, and discovered that Amazon is no longer selling the book.  I have to admit, I sat there stunned for a bit, wondering if the shelf life of books had now gone below a month.  I looked around, and saw that other books, even quite popular ones, were not being sold by Amazon either.  What was the issue?

I found the answer, or at least the beginnings of one, on Tobias Buckell's site (Mr. Buckell is a better site for What's Going On Now, BTW--I'm much better on What Was Going On Then).  He links to a NY Times story that says that Amazon has pulled all books from Macmillan (which includes Tor Books), in an apparent dispute over Kindle pricing.

My book isn't even available on Kindle! Though I hope it will be at some point.  So my poor little book, already struggling to get sold, is now crushed like a butterfly under the gargantuan feet of two struggling saurians.

I hope this gets resolved quickly.  Given the state of the publishing market, this is not what any of us needs.  Meanwhile, if you are buying online, you can get Brain Thief at Barnes & Noble.