The only meta-resolution I need

I long ago gave up on New Years resolutions that involved improving myself.  Not that I can't stand improvement, but self-improvement is so incremental that it is not amenable to any great statement of intent.  Instead, I picked a grand meta-resolution:  to make only resolutions that involve having more fun.

I'm not alone in directing my attention to work.  That's fine and necessary:  I have a demanding day job, and write my fiction mornings and weekends.  But I sometimes neglect to have the fun that is kind of the point of being alive.  Making resolutions to do so seems a bit absurd, but I find that they pay off.  I resolve to see more movies, see more friends, and do other things I enjoy.

So today, when a friend called to take advantage of a beautiful snowfall we just had to go cross-country skiing, I did it.  I had things I could have done at home, and even had to consider it a bit, but, really, doing anything else would have been dumb.  I'll see if I can keep it up.  I never get out to the movies enough, even though I make the same resolution on that year after year.  But the meta-resolution remains.