Brief Boskone post mortem

Yeah, I know--Boskone was last weekend, and it's already Thursday, and life has moved on. What can I say? It's been a busy week.

Boskone comes just a month after Arisia, in the same hotel in a windswept, crisply redeveloped area of Boston.  But Boskone is about books, is much smaller, and skews substantially older than Arisia.

I see some old friends reliably every year:  Ann Tonsor Zeddies, Rosemary Kirstein, Gregory Feeley, Paul Di Filippo, Michael Swanwick and Marianne Porter, David Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, Jeanne Cavelos, Allen Steele, Gavin Grant, Karl Schroeder, Toni Kelner, Kelly Link, Alex Irvine, as well as my regular local colleagues.  I also met a few new people I enjoyed:  Jo Walton, David Anthony Durham, Charlaine Harris, and Margaret Ronald (OK, I actually met her at Arisia, but that was just a month ago).

I was moderator on a panel on Urban Fantasy.  I knew nothing about Urban Fantasy, and so was able to ask a lot of dumb questions without exposing myself. It's probably not the subgenre for me, but I learned something interesting.  One question I asked was: what outside-of-our-genre literary works would someone who likes urban fantasy probably also like?  The one answer everyone agreed to was Dorothy Sayers. I happen to love Dorothy Sayers, so maybe I'm wrong and should give urban fantasy a try.

What do people think of that assessment? Any other works that would qualify as urban fantasy cognates?