Confessions of a late adopter

I'm a science fiction writer, but have an aversion to acquiring new gadgets. I get some of them eventually, but not all of them, and tend to have older, less capable models. To give you an example, a few months ago I left my mp3 player in the locker room at my health club...and somebody turned it in to the front desk.

It might have been the wind-up key on the side that disturbed him.

But I did recently get a last-generation Kindle, mostly for travel. I always haul tons of books around, and the Kindle lets me do that with less weight. Even this latest screen is a bit gray, I think, but I do read it.

So, what have I read? Since getting it for Christmas, I have used my Kindle to read:

Willa Cather's My Antonia

Two Charles Willeford novels: The Woman Chaser and Wild Wives

Thomas Hardy's Return of the Native

Tyler Cowen's The Great Stagnation

Elif Batuman's The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them

The Cather and the Hardy were free, the Willefords were from a cheap five novel set, Cowen is a popular short. The Batuman is the only real new purchase here.

So, not a life changer or anything. But it makes for a nice portable library. I do foresee carrying more of my reading on this thing, but I am fairly on in my habits, and will be haunting used book stores until they cease to exist.

I actually have something to say about each of these books, but I'll have to save that.